Purpose: The purpose of this Policy is to endorse SPPL commitment to Environment, Health, Safety and Social and to designate responsibilities for compliance with IFC EHS PS and local legal requirements.

Scope: This Policy is applicable to SPPL plants i.e. Simbhaoli and Chilwaria

Responsibility:The Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for the implementation of EHSS policy.Plant Head with overall responsibility and authority for managing a business unit is responsible for the application of this policy to his business unit, facility, activity, product or service and for assuring development and implementation of effective procedures to ensure compliance with applicable EHSS laws.

This Policy based on the following elements:

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable EHS Laws & other requirements (IFC’s EHS requirements).

  • Integrate Environment, Health, Safety and Social in the planning, design, mergers, acquisitions, construction, operations and maintenance and decommissioning phase of project life cycle.

  • Provide, maintain and upgrade facilities, operations and working conditions in an environmentally and socially acceptable and sustainable manner with minimal residual impact on employees, contractors, visitors, communities, property, biodiversity and others affected by our operations.

  • To adopt Risk mitigation measures to ensure overall reduction of risk to human health and environment focusing on prevention of irreversible and or significant impact on the environment and communities.

  • Develop HR Policies and procedures to improve labor health and work environment by respecting human rights, no engagement of child & forced labor, and develop favorable employee relationship based on equal opportunity and non discrimination

  • Encourage EHSS communication and engage community members and other stakeholders.

  • Educate, train and motivate Employees including contractor to work in a safe, environmentally & socially responsible manner.

  • Improve EHSS performance through combination of ongoing monitoring of objectives, targets / goals to promote continual improvement of facility performance.

  • Design / update and maintain appropriate Emergency Response Procedure and Business contingency capabilities

  • Ensure that all employees including contractors work with due regard to their own Environment, Health, Safety and that of others i.e. society. Individual employees who condone or permit noncompliance with Environment, Health, Safety and Social laws will be subject to disciplinary action.